Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 27, 2011 Dubuque, IA Storms Q & A (Historic Rainfall)

An image of the storms from 9 PM CDT last night.
Q: How much rain fell last night?
A: Officially 7.47 via the NWS for yesterday's rain and not early this morning, but news sources indicate 10+ inches as a storm total.

Q: What are the effects?
A: Reports of water rescues, bridges flooded, etc.

Q: How did this happen?
A: The storms in Dubuque didn't stop because more kept forming behind the ones that were already moving through. We call this 'training' in the weather world. It is similar to what happened in Chicago several days ago.

Q: How long did the storms go on for?
A: At least 7 hours.

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