Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27- Elevated Morning Thunderstorms- Chicago, IL

Discussion... Elevated thunderstorm cluster is ongoing in Wisconsin northward, with a strong cell reaching down into far North Illinois. Out west, we see another line of storms developing and heading anywhere from ENE to NNE.
CINH is not in the picture, and instead MUCAPE of 2000 j/kg is in the areas above mentioned. Parameters like the EHI, Derecho Composite, Supercell Composite aren't impressive in the area of these storms.
These storms will affect the area currently seen above before another round starts up. This new round could be more elevated and possibly strong.


Anonymous said...

What are "elevated" thunderstorms? You seem to mention them a lot, so I'm just wondering what they are.

Andrew said...

Elevated Storms are considered strong, but not severe.
For example, a storm with heavy rainfall, some gusty winds and a chance of small hail could be considered elevated to borderline severe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I am a curious person=)