Monday, July 18, 2011

Tonight's Storms to hit at 5 PM in Chicago

Although the overall threat for severe weather has lowered slightly, especially tornado-wise, any storms that do come through the Chicagoland area will likely hit beginning at 5 pm.
Using the Rapid Refresh (see below), I was able to pinpoint when these elevated storms will move through.
When the model shows a dark green in a cluster, it usually verifies to be yellow and red on radar reflectivity instead of dark green.
Using the 5 pm mark, I also gathered images of EHI (Spinning motion in the atmosphere combined with energy) and CAPE (instability) at that 5 pm mark.
EHI (Potentially tornadic storms at 1 unit and above)

CAPE (Severe thunderstorm threshold at 2000)
Both images indicate a rambunctious and possibly tornadic atmosphere.
We will provide updates as needed, but keep in mind- this can change in an instant.
These storms have started to look more westerly than originally seen.

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