Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1: Potential Hurricane Threat (Florida)

We at The Weather Centre are concerned with the system currently in the Atlantic just a bit east of the Caribbean Islands. After checking the GFS model run on a new site we recently discovered, we are now concerned with the possibility of a tropical storm/Category 1 hurricane landfall in Florida.

On the top we see the track of the storm as per the 6z run of the GFS. For those confused by all the colors, just look at the track itself. We see how the GFS unfortunately prints out a possible Florida landfall.
At the bottom we see the 925 mb wind swath. What this depicts is projected wind speeds just above the surface. We see florida could get in on a potential maximum of 79 knot wind speeds. That equals about 92 MPH, or a Category 1 hurricane.
We will closely monitor this situation.

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