Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane Irene Update: GFS Slams into New York, ECMWF spares no one in Virginia

ECMWF creaming Virginia
The ECMWF model is sparing no one in Virginia, projecting Irene to strongly impact the region. If this ECMWF solution played out, we could be dealing with a catastrophe in Virginia. Life and property are at risk in this scenario. At this point, this is no joke. Irene will only strengthen at a rapid pace from here on out, and this is a serious concern at this stage.
GFS bashing New York
Now, in both these models, I cannot say for sure that these will actually make landfall on US soil. It is very likely right now, but not guaranteed. Either way, there will certainly be intense effects from this storm felt along the entire East Coast. the GFS shows the New York region getting hammered by intense rain and wind.

Check our Irene Live Webcams page and Irene Evacuation Status page for more information.

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