Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pennsylvania, New York could get in on some Snow by Sunday

There is potential for some snow flakes to begin flying in parts of West New York and Pennsylvania. The image below shows projected surface precipitation on Saturday at 8 AM EDT. The blue dashed line is what's known as the 540 line- the line typically separating rain and snow areas. Places south of the 540 line get rain, regions above the 540 get snow. Below is the image for Saturday at 8 AM EDT.

If you look closely, you can see the blue dashed line sagging southward and encompassing portions of New York and Pennsylvania. That said, there is indeed a potential for snow. The question is- how much?
Many of you probably aren't ready for winter (mentally or physically), but the good thing is that any snow that happens to fall will melt, as that 540 line will fly back north into Canada. Here's the details as of now:

-The models are not forecasting any snow to fall
-There is potential, but it is low
-Flakes flying in the air if this turns out is a possibility
-Accumulation above .1 inches is unlikely for now.

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