Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14 Forecast Discussion- Tonight's Forecast

Tonight, it's looking more like a rain event for the Northeast than it was this morning, as the cold front will be intercepting the more eastwardly low pressure system stationed over Alabama this evening. Intercepting in the sense that the rain masses will come together. As that cold front sweeps east, another low pressure system will likely be pushed away and out to sea, further helping TS Maria go out to sea. This rain pattern should continue at least into the morning hours, and probably extending into the evening in the eastern coastline. Higher elevations in Colorado, like Vail and Aspen, will experience up to 6 inches of snow this evening as one of the first winter storms of this winter season makes its appearance. People below 10,000 feet will get rain, with some ice pellets if you're lucky.
The dominant Canadian high pressure, now in its full glory, will hold control over the Plains and Midwest this evening and well into tomorrow and beyond.
Below is today's projected rainfall totals into tomorrow.

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