Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rain Ongoing Across Ohio Valley, Northeast

Rain showers are ongoing across the Ohio Valley area extending into the Great Lakes region as a strong low pressure system sits over the Ohio/Pennsylvania area. This low is forecast to put down quite a bit of rain in the Great Lakes region over the next 24 hour period, with over 2.2'' of rain possible as per the HPC Rainfall Forecast below.
We can see just how much rain may accumulate in the Great Lakes, with Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio getting hit hard with totals exceeding .75 inches in portions of those states. Rainfall as a whole will cover the Northeast, Midwest and Ohio Valley even though rainfall totals will be lower... It is very possible there could be some flooding that may occur in Michigan and other areas due to this heavy rainfall in a short period of time, so be cautious of flooded roadways or nearby creeks and rivers that may suddenly swell due to heavy rain.

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