Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wake-Up Conditions for October 11

Current Temperatures
Good morning everyone- this is your 7 AM wake-up conditions briefing for this October 11. As you wake up, it will be a chilly morning in the Western Plains, with temperatures in the 40's across the region in the wake of a cold front over the weekend. Farther out east we find milder temperatures in the 50's and 60's across the Midwest and Southeast, making for a pleasant morning. These milder temperatures also find their way into the East Coast, but Maine is waking up to upper 30's temperatures this morning!
Your current radar (from Intellicast) indicates an area of showers ongoing across the Southeast, likely with some areas of embedded thunder closer to the coastal regions. There is also a slight indication on radar of where the cold front is- if you look at the Illinois/Iowa border, you can see a rain line stretching across that border. That's the cold front that will eventually move eastward. That front for now, however, is producing showers across the Midwest. The mountains way out West are experiencing a mix of snow and rain, with some snow likely occurring in the higher elevations.

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