Monday, October 3, 2011

Your Wake-Up Forecast: Valid 7 AM (CDT) October 4

Real-Feel Temperature
The real-feel temperature for tomorrow will be modestly cool, but warming up as the cool air mass finally moves out of the way. Your wake-up temperatures at 7 AM CDT will range from a chilly 40's range in the Great Lakes to a warm 60's in portions of the Plains. The Plains in a heavy majority will mainly reside in the 50's, which is a fairly nice temperature for 7 AM considering what people in the east have had to deal with recently.
3-Hour Precipitation
The day will start off with some showers in the New York region with heavier rain in the Upper Northeast regions, such as Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and the like. The Midwest and most of the Plains will have a nice, dry morning in addition to those nice wake up temperatures in the Plains. The West Coast will be wet once again (unsurprisingly), but even New Mexico will get in on some lighter showers.

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