Thursday, November 3, 2011

2011-2012 Winter: Mid-Upper Level Atmosphere Temperatures at Record Lows

Mid to Upper levels of the atmosphere are currently experiencing all time record lows. As seen in the graph above, you can see how this is the lowest temperature for this time of year in at least the past several years graphed here. Not only is that true, but the same lowest temperature claim can be said for all temperature readings at this time of year since recording began.

What does this mean?
Warm air from storms of any nature rise into the atmosphere. In the summer, this creates instability for thunderstorms. At this point in time going into winter, if these record low temperatures are to continue, one could infer that the warm air rising from a low pressure system would rise higher and faster in the atmosphere, thus creating more energy for the system to work with and in turn creating more snow.

In our eyes, this is a very possible thing to happen. It aligns with basic physics rules and basic temperature movements in the air (warm air rises), so to say.
We will watch this, as it may have a big effect on winter snowfall this year.


Anonymous said...

Interesting I have been waiting for snow here in Minnesota but ol man winter doesn't seem to want to show its face quite yet. No snow for our local forecasts yet.

Andrew said...

I suggest waiting until mid month- if the NAO drops, then you'll get quite a cold blast.

Anonymous said...

I like the snow more than the cold but in MN I guess we normally get both..... Good thing I have wood heat!
If you don't mind me asking.... What part of the country are you from? You don't need to be specific.... just wondering where you like the snow to drop.