Thursday, November 10, 2011

Current Conditions

This evening, we have several things ongoing across the country.
The first was the snow that was observed in Chicago today and various other regions as the cold air ushered in was cool enough to make the atmospheric levels sustainable for snow. That precipitation came on the backside of a storm system currently giving Canada a snowstorm. This system is the one that earlier had brought over 10 inches of snow to isolated areas in Wisconsin a couple days ago.
That system is connected via cold front to another system just offshore the New England region. That area of the country is currently receiving a batch of rain. Out west we have a stationary front and a weak piece of energy now exiting the Rockies, which undoubtedly tore this low to shreds. This system will likely make for some clouds and precipitation over the Plains at some point. There is a large system offshore the California coast, but at this time we are not concerned with it.

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