Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One-Day Snowfall Amounts Top 6 Inches in Iowa; Snow Currently Falling in Wisconsin

Notes: This does not involve today's Wisconsin snowfall amounts. That data will not be calculated until tomorrow.
Check out the snowfall a low pressure system moving north from the Southern US has put down. It looks like Iowa has come down with a maximum snowfall amount of 7 inches, as seen below.
Today's Snowfall Amounts (not counting snowfall for NE Iowa in recent hours)
It appears that the maximum snow axis set up in southwest Iowa, unsurprisingly some distance from the rain/snow line, but enough so that it was all snow. We can definitely see the cutoff for where rain fell and where snow fell. So the question now is, where is the most snow falling now?

The heaviest snow is currently falling in Green Bay northward into Marquette, Michigan. This snow comes on the cold side of a 996 millibar low pressure currently moving northward. This snow ought to tone down as we move into the nighttime hours, and tomorrow we will be able to see how much snow has accumulated. So why snow instead of rain for them?
The regions currently receiving snow did not have to go through the warm front currently draped across the Canada/US border along the Great Lakes, sweeping up milder air from the Florida region. With the lowest pressure also centered over Lake Michigan, it made for a 'perfect snow' scenario for the East Wisconsin region, with the colder atmospheric levels in place.

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