Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Severe Weather Outbreak Possible Next Week

A strong low pressure system currently over the Aleutian Islands has potential to come onshore the US and ignite a fairly large area of severe weather in the South Central and Southeast US. At this time, we are watching the 18z GFS and we are concerned. Here's a batch of images we picked up from the 18z GFS.
Hour 159
The low pressure system is the 'x' in eastern Oklahoma. We can see how strong this storm will be when it is forecasted in Oklahoma. This storm will have an extending warm sector to the northeast, giving the Northeast region a nice batch of warm weather.
You can see how there will be strong storms ongoing across the Oklahoma region into Kentucky and Tennessee. These storms have more than just this radar image to go on for potential to become severe. Take a look below.
This image above is the jet stream forecast for hour 159 of the 18z GFS. Check out the jet streaks that will be present in Arkansas, Tennessee, into Mississippi. This jet streak has winds of 110 to 130 mph, considered a strong wind speed for the jet stream.

We will have more developments on this system and if it will occur, but as of right now, it looks like the potential definitely is there.

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