Thursday, November 17, 2011

Totals Over 1 Foot of Snow Possible in South Dakota for Weekend Snowstorm

Maximum projected snow depth from weekend snowstorm
Totals may reach as high as 12 inches of snow in isolated spots of extreme southwest South Dakota if this forecast from the 12z GFS is to verify. This snowstorm will be fast moving, so accumulations more toward Minnesota and Wisconsin will be lighter, ranging in the 1-3 inch range. Some lake effect snow may fall in the Wisconsin Great Lakes region, but it will be light if any does fall.
Here's our current accumulation forecast (subject to change).

Southwest South Dakota: 4-10 inches, isolated 12 inches
Rest of South Dakota: 2-5 inches, isolated 6-8 inches, mainly in northern region of the state
Minnesota: 1-3 inches, isolated 4-5 inches in west Minnesota
Wisconsin (Minus Lake-effect regions): Trace-2 inches, isolated 3 inches.
Lake-Effect Wisconsin Regions: 1-3 inches, isolated 4-5 inches closer to lakes.

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