Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 20 Blizzard Event (Texas, Oklahoma Affected)

Light green is a Blizzard Watch
Blue is Winter Storm Watch
Parts of the Southern Plains are under a blizzard watch this evening in preparation for the storm system that has finally made its way onshore the US. The system itself is currently ejecting from the Pacific into the US, where it will make its way eastward and then to a northeast direction.

In anticipation of this, we have created a graphic showing that the areas in dark blue are likely to experience blizzard conditions from heavy snow and high winds. Wind gusts are expected to reach above 40 MPH. Lighter accumulations can be expected on the northern side of the snow portion. On the southern side of the low, however, rain is expected.
Here's a couple images from the NWS Offices

Amarillo, Texas NWS Office


Eddie said...

Will Detroit get snow out of this that will stay

Anonymous said...

So Valparaiso probably won't get a winter storm warning?

Andrew said...

Eddie: Probably not.

Anonymous: No. The likelihood we somewhat unlikely to begin with.

Mike Paulocsak said...

Hello Andreww.Does this coming January still look like the pattern will shift to the east.Hopefully it does.