Thursday, March 29, 2012

Winter's Final Gasp of Snow to Fall in the Northeast

0z GFS Snowfall Forecast
Winter's potentially final snowfall will fall in the Northeast tomorrow, with a general 1-4 inches of snow expected across the region.
This snow will fall as a storm system makes its way eastward across the US and manages to pass across some moisture that meets up with some cold air to make snowfall for the Northeast. Again, nothing major, just a few inches to satisfy those in the Northeast that got very little snow over the course of this past 'winter'.



jen from toledo said...

good morning andrew...thanks for the updates regarding weather...question for you...we have a local team here (toledo, oh) who has posted a few times regarding next week...i'd like to share it with you, and get your thoughts? this is what they said: "Still watching early next week closely, because still indicated by the forecast models we're going to have a VERY strong system that could lead to a large severe weather outbreak across Indiana, Western Ohio, and Michigan at this time, and then after it...a couple inches of snow believe it or not....we'll keep you posted." and then this "I am not trying to over hype this...but this has major similarities to the Super Outbreak of 1974. This is something that we've been watching for a week, after the super outbreak of 1974 places with tornado damage got snow on top of them. You never know how this will turn out, we'll just have to wait." just wondered your thoughts for my area regarding next week. when you get time, no rush. thanks andrew...have a great day!

Andrew said...

Jen: That sounds actually pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing! That definitely sounds like something i'm going to have to look into.

mike paulocsak said...

Hey Andrew.How's it going? Here's one for you.Back in March.31,1987 a snowstorm burried northeast Ohio with 16"-20" of snow.Southern Ohio averaged 6"-8".This storm was caused by a system that moved northeast from Georgia through the southern Appalachian mountains.What is really ironic is another storm formed on April.04,1987.This one slammed my area more then the first storm.The region through Zanesville Ohio northward towards Holmes county eastward received 17"-20' os snow.This storm moved from Georgia to eastern Virginia then it drifted into West Virginia.Not very often does a snowstorm move westward,but can happen!This caused CATASTROPIC damage to power lines and poles.I was only 10 when this happened.Enjoyed a few days off of school!This really had nothing to do with the topic,but's it's weather related.

Andrew said...

Mike: wow! Very cool story! Thank you for sharing!

mike paulocsak said...

Hello Andrew.If your a true snow lover here is a book you should get.It's called "THUNDER IN THE HEARTLAND."It's written by a husband and wife that studied at Kent state university in Ohio.It basically talks about weather events in Ohio.To this day,i still cannot believe these two storms occured.