Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Forecast Discussion: April 4, 2012

Forecast Fronts and Precipitation
Forecast Severe Weather
Hotspot of the day: Southeast
As a storm moves eastward across the nation's midsection, a warm front will extend out ahead, bringing up warm, humid air ahead of the cold front that is the caboose of this system. As the cold front comes through, thunderstorms will begin to develop and may eventually become linear due to the classic cold front squall line set up with the lack of shear promoting significant supercells.

South Plains
Another system will be in tow of the first one, producing precipitation on its northwest side. I find that the lack of a warm and cold front in the area are damaging to any severe threat possible, thus the SPC labeled a 'see text' area.

Another storm system will be coming ashore, bringing mountain snows to the region and rain to lower elevations. No severe weather is expected, but the presence of a cold front indicates a cool down is in the works.

Some light snow and rain showers will be poking throughout the region. No major snow or rain accumulation is expected.



ERN WX said...

I like the forecast discussions, Andrew! Keep up the great work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Andrew when do you plan on getting rid of the mean comments.I mean some of them can be very hurtful. What there doing is cyber bullying.

Andrew said...

Anonymous: The issue was resolved, apologies have been given, and all has been settled. I want to focus more on weather and less on potential censorship issues that some people may call on me should I delete the comments, so if anyone who happened to be offended in the incident, please know that while the comments may remain online, it does not mean that apologies are voided.

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