Monday, May 21, 2012

Tropical Depression May Eventually Landfall as Hurricane in Mexico

Tropical Depression Two-E has formed in the east Pacific. It looks to rapidly intensify into a tropical storm today, before becoming a hurricane late Tuesday. The HWRF shows it landfalling with over 120 knot winds, as seen below.

130 knots is the equivalent of 150 MPH, which would actually be a Category 4 hurricane. It's pretty safe to say that that solution probably won't happen going up against the NHC track, but I will keep an eye on it.

More later this afternoon.

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ERN WX said...

Hello, Andrew I have been concentrating on this depression for a little while now and though I think the HWRF is a littlle too strong, I think this td will reach category 3 strength. NHC is too weak in my opinion./