Thursday, June 21, 2012

ECMWF Threatens Florida; CMC Lashes Out at Texas with Tropical System

The ECMWF model is developing an area of showers and thunderstorms currently in the Gulf into a full blown tropical cyclone. While it is small, the cyclone does appear to have a low enough central pressure to be a fair tropical system. It is expected to hit Florida in the process of its movement, and will have to be closely monitored for potential landfall.

The CMC model, on the other hand, retrogrades the system westward towards Mexico while achieving a central pressure reading below 980 millibars. Again, the system appears to be small but intense, and both models will have to be closely watched, as either scenario would result in a potential threat to life and property.



Severe Tstm said...

I like the Euro soln right now. Tomorrow looks fun. SPC has slgt risk of svr. Wind and hail. Shear of 25-35 knots, CAPE 2000-3000 j/kg, pwats aoa 1.5 inches, dpts 70 or higher, Cravenbrooks svr AOA 20000; the only things that need help are lapse rates and EHI values. Reports will be given./

Alice McDonald said...

Anything on rain for NE In? It gets close but disappears. Crops are being declared as total losses here. Someone posted a sign that said "Devil called. He wants his weather back".

Adam E. said...

Wow I just realized how much Andrew's knowledge of meteorology has grown over the years. His 600,000 views are well deserved. I'd say he is one of the smartest weather guys out there on the internet. If I had to name the smartest three amateur meteorologists it would probably include Joshua Steiner, USA Weather (who hasn't posted in a long time), and, of course, Andrew. Keep up the good work!

Andrew said...

Alice: There is a cold front on its way, but that's about it for a little while. The sign you mentioned made me laugh.

Adam: Thanks a lot for your support. It means a lot to see appreciation like that.

Alice McDonald said...

I tried to put a picture of the sign on your FB page, but it wouldn't let me.