Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tropics Quiet; Disturbance Moving Off Africa

Regional Satellite Analysis

Surface Analysis
The tropics are fairly quiet this evening, with no large areas of convection across the board, other than a cluster moving off Africa, which will be discussed later.

The Caribbean is quiet at the moment. Surface analysis indicates two tropical waves moving into the region, but neither are posing substantial shower and thunderstorm activity and thus are not favored for any development in the next while.

Gulf of Mexico
Showers and thunderstorms are propagating on the Gulf coast, but little significant storm activity exists in the Gulf of Mexico. These coastal showers and storms are fueled by the presence of a pair of troughs in the region, feeding off the humidity and warm air to produce showers and thunderstorms.

Eastern Atlantic
There is a disturbance moving off of Africa and is producing a large region of showers and storms. Surface analysis shows these storms developing along the monsoonal trough and in the presence of a low pressure area. Shearing, shown below, indicates that significant development in the next day or two does not seem too likely.

Shearing in mid levels


Images obtained from:
-Shearing image: CIMSS
-Surface Analysis: OPC
-Regional Satellite: NHC

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