Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tropical Update: Hurricane Leslie and Hurricane Michael (MAJOR)

Analysis of the Atlantic Ocean at this hour shows both hurricanes spinning about in the ocean. We have Hurricane Leslie several hundred miles to the east of Florida, and major hurricane Michael another few hundred miles to the WNW.

There is a fairly strong disturbance to the immediate north of Michael. I believe that this will get Michael up and moving, but the movement will likely end up going west, towards Leslie.

It seems that strong cyclones will try to orbit each other, and this is referred to as the Fujiwhara Rule. In this rule, two strong cyclone vorticies will attempt to orbit each other, and this may very well happen to Michael and Leslie. As a weakening Michael moves towards Leslie, Leslie ought to try and also shift towards Michael. Whether this happens remains to be seen, but will be something to watch for.

Michael is currently a major Category 3 hurricane, with a well defined eye, eyewall and nice structure. Because it is in the northern Atlantic, weakening should begin shortly, with Michael dissipating by the time 10 days from now are up. Nonetheless, Michael is likely to continue to put on a show of its cloud structure over the next several hours before final weakening starts and Michael becomes nothing.

Leslie is also a hurricane, but at a minimum strength Category 1, with winds of 75 MPH. Any weakening would put Leslie back into tropical storm status.

However, I am seeing a depression in what appears to be the center of Leslie. Whether this is the forming of an eye or not, it is something I believe should be eyed closely over the next several hours, as this could indicate strengthening.


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