Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Large Tornado Strikes Mobile, AL

A tornado has struck Mobile, AL. Here is what I know as of now:

At 6:36 PM:
-Murphy High School has been damaged.
-The Mobile Infirmary has sustained major damage.

At 5:45 PM:
-Image added, courtesy of CBS42.

At 5:43 PM:
-Some houses have been reported "down".
-Injuries are being reported.
-Damage has been observed on Williams Street and Senator Street.

At 5:40 PM:
-It was a large wedge tornado.
-It did go through the downtown area.
-Damage is being said to be "all over".
-A debris ball was spotted on radar after the tornado went through the city (a debris ball means debris is showing up on radar after being thrown up in the air).

This is a REAL-TIME post, and will be updated as I get more information.


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