Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Announcements - January 1, 2013

-Tomorrow, I will have a post basically confirming all suspicions of a polar vortex collapse at 12:00 PM central time. I'll describe the effects of cold as well.

-An update will be made to the Current Weather page tomorrow.

-I will attempt to make an update to the Models page.



Anonymous said...

Great job on all of the posts about the SSW and polar vortex. Even if the collapse doesn't happen(I hope it does), I learned a lot.

John said...

Great job Andrew with your post. the link to your website is now on page. 100% reccomended!

Indndawg said...

You're doing a bangup job and I appreciate it.

Gotta get some type of confirmation b/c I got some work on the house to do b/4 this cold wave hits. This week is the ONLY time I've got to it.

Again thx for the heads up

Eric said...

Andrew can not say enough by how much I appreciate your forecasts. In fact, Joe Bastardi and said this on twitter (who has over 13,000 followers)Ji ‏"@BigJoeBastardi
THIS IS A GREAT READ!!! http://theweathercentre.blogspot.com/2013/01/multiple-stratospheric-warmings-confirm.html …"
Looks like your site is getting a lot of recognition and publicity for seeing and analyzing the stratospheric warming event.