Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 29 Life-Threatening Ice Storm (Updated 1/26)

Incoming Sunday Ice Storm Will Make Travel Treacherous...

PLEASE Share to get the word out -- this could be a life-threatening event!!

An ice storm is expected to unfold over the Midwest tomorrow, bringing with it accumulating snow as high as half an inch in some places.

Synoptic scale: A storm system will advance towards the Midwest and Great Lakes on Sunday. As it does so, warm air will advect (move) across the region, promoting warm air aloft but leaving a layer of below-freezing air just above the surface. This set-up is favored for freezing rain. It appears the icy part of the storm will strike during the late morning and afternoon hours, well into the evening hours before changing back over to rain near or after midnight on Monday.

Accumulations: Accumulations from the storm are expected to be nothing to 0.2 inches in states like Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana. Heavier totals are anticipated in northern Illinois, eastern Iowa and southern Wisconsin. Model forecasts have dropped off considerably since yesterday's making of the accumulation graphic, but still remain within my parameters.

Preparations: If you get your power from an above-ground source and you live in the dark purple area, prepare to be without power all of Sunday, possibly into Monday, depending on how fast the ice accumulates and when crews are able to restore power. Travel is considered treacherous during the day tomorrow, and the Sunday rush hour will result in numerous accidents. Avoid travel if necessary.


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January 27, not 29.