Sunday, January 27, 2013

No-Travel Notice -- January 27, 2013

**This is NOT an official statement from the National Weather Service and was issued by The Weather Centre for pure safety purposes.**

I have decided to put out a No-Travel Notice for portions of the Midwest and Great Lakes in response to the ongoing ice storm and ice yet to come. The following areas are included in this notice:

-North Illinois
-East Iowa
-Southeast Minnesota
-South Wisconsin
-Much of Michigan
-North Indiana
-Northwest Ohio

Ice continues to fall across the Midwest, especially Illinois, as a body of precipitation associated with a storm system continues to move north and east. An incoming warm front will change precipitation to all rain as the evening goes on across the Midwest, but overnight icing is likely across the central Great Lakes and portions of the Northeast. Travel is considered dangerous and potentially life-threatening in many of the highlighted areas as a result of accumulating ice. Unless you are encountering a serious emergency, travel is not advised as the ice is making roads treacherous at this time. Until the rain arrives to melt away the ice (which could take additional time), roads will continue to be very unsafe and should not be used.



Anonymous said...

Non related im just curious i was just looking at the arctic index and i see the first warming then near the gulf of mexico it seem maybe another warming may be started im not sure could you comment on that thanks.

Andrew said...

You're going to have to explain it a bit more, I'm not sure what you mean.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the arctic index 10 hpa it seems in the gulf of mexico a new warming trying to start around jan 9 2013 and moving upward not sure just curious