Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18-20 Significant Northeast Snowstorm

A significant snowstorm looks to impact much of the Northeast with accumulations exceeding one foot in many locations.

High resolution model forecasts, like the one pictured above, show a significant snowfall event is in the making. Current indications are that snow amounts will exceed one foot in much of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and even into parts of Pennsylvania. Coastal areas, like New York City and coastline towns wil receive lighter accumulations, possibly nothing at all if you are in areas like southern New Jersey. For the inland areas that do receive snow, isolated amounts of up to 18 inches are possible, especially in Maine and portions of Vermont and New Hampshire. This potential is not all that great outside of Maine, but there is still potential.



BK - Brian K. said...

Hey I was wondering if you would do any posts on the weekend storm? 23rd/24th (something around then)? I was wondering a bit on it.

thanks as always for wonderful info Andrew!

Andrew said...

Brian: Here is the post: