Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thunderstorms Firing in Texas

Radar imagery indicates isolated thunderstorms are firing in central Texas, with a more linear structure developing in north central Texas.

Discussion: Strong lower level frontogenesis is enhancing thunderstorm development over Texas, with two areas of weather evolving. The first area, in north central Texas, involves linear thunderstorm development with a primarily damaging wind threat. Second area is focused in south central Texas, where isolated thunderstorms are blossoming. We find the highest tornado threat centered in this second area at this time. Strong moisture convergence, particularly over the second area, is helping to form and sustain these isolated thunderstorms. Short range model forecasts indicate the thunderstorms will continue to fire, and most likely shift into a more linear phase as shown in the first area. I do think that the tornado threat will persist for the next hour or two before the primary threat becomes damaging wind and hail.


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