Saturday, April 20, 2013

Snow Rounds Out Atypical April

It looks like snow will be rounding out the last days of April.

The NAM model forecast has two swaths of accumulating snow in the Midwest and Plains. The stripe of snow in the Midwest looks to put down upwards of 6 inches in many spots, especially across Wisconsin and southeast Minnesota. Lighter totals will be observed into northern Nebraska and southern South Dakota. The second body of snow will be more significant, but will cover less ground. Kansas will get hammered with totals flirting with (and in some cases, exceeding) one foot of snow. The heaviest amounts appear to be centered in the northern part of the state, with central Kansas being the cutoff for the heaviest snow. Normally, I would address this as Old Man Winter's last hurrah, but with the way this April has been going, I wouldn't be surprised to see sporadic, light snowfall chances into May.


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Anonymous said...

is there anymore information you can share on this possible foot of snow for kansas