Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Potential Arctic Outbreak

It is looking increasingly likely that Thanksgiving will contain a significant cold weather outbreak for much of the nation.

850mb temperature anomalies for the evening of November 27
The ECMWF ensembles and GFS ensembles have been telling of the entrance of a very cold air mass into the US, to the tune of nearly 20 degrees below normal, in Celsius (that's 36 degrees below normal in Fahrenheit). This would most likely bring about the coldest air seen in many parts of the nation thus far, with many in the Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes and Ohio Valley in line for temperatures that may flirt with single digits, like Chicago, or smash right through the single digit mark, like many areas closer to the border with Canada.

ECMWF temperature forecast for the morning of November 27
It remains to be seen if the models are correct in their estimation of a brutally cold Thanksgiving, but right now, it looks like such an outcome is within the realm of possibility.

There is also the potential for a Nor'easter in the day or two before Thanksgiving...


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