Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 8-9 Potential Southeast Snowstorm/Ice Storm

There is a chance that a snow and ice event may evolve across the Southeast over the December 8-9 period.

The GFS model predicts that areas of ice pellets, freezing rain and snow will begin to form across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina for the morning hours of December 8th, in conjunction with liquid precipitation falling across the rest of the aforementioned states. It appears that snowfall would be favored the further north you go, meaning North Carolina, far northern Georgia and upper Alabama would be under the gun for some snow.

The real show begins just 12 hours later, in the evening of December 8th, when the GFS model indicates the precipitation switches over to rather heavy frozen precipitation, particularly across the Carolinas and Virginia. This image, provided by Levi Cowan, does not differentiate between different frozen precipitation types like the WeatherBell image did above, so we are only left to fear that this will either be a potent ice storm, or a decent snow event. The whole event itself is still in question, so there is a lot to still be figured out in the next several model runs. As always, updates will be provided when needed here at The Weather Centre.



Anonymous said...

If I had to choose snow over ice, I'd take snow any day! No one can drive on ice! Even though I'm not even close to this area,(Thank you God)!. I prey all will fizzle out, no one needs this kind of a system coming thru!
Thank you Andrew for keeping us in the know! We treasure you!

Anonymous said...

I've been checking the models for next monday the 9th and there is a snowstorm going through the midwest and great lakes. please reply if you think it has the potential to hit those areas.

Cameron Jourdan Fry said...

Andrew, how will western/central TN fair during the Dec 6-9 time frame?

Andrew said...

Central TN should experience liquid precipitation, though a bit of wintry precipitation cannot be discounted.

Jeffrey Owens said...

just wondering how all this is going to happen i live in nc suppose to be 70 by thursday and a snowstorm possible by mon tuesday timeframe

baby linahajj said...

So Texas is no where near of getting a pinch of any of this wintery mix!??!,ahh!!im in Houston I was dearly hoping for some winter feeling