Saturday, January 25, 2014

Intense Cold Arrives Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Arctic air not seen since the early January outbreak is set to arrive on Monday in the Plains before flooding the northern US into Tuesday and Wednesday. Let's break down who will get the cold weather, and when.

The ECMWF indicates we will see the core of the cold start out in states like Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa on Monday, as this temperature forecast image for Monday morning shows. Below zero temperatures are expected from central Indiana back northwest, with temperatures below -20 degrees F anticipated in the aforementioned northern Plains states. We are likely to see school closings throughout the upper Plains on Monday as this cold filters in, with widespread cancellations possible.

Tuesday morning is when the Arctic air really flexes its muscles. We see the ECMWF model taking temperatures as low as -30 degrees F to Minnesota and Wisconsin, while giving cities like Indianapolis, Madison and Chicago severe cold that could easily flirt with -20 degrees F. The Northeast will begin to encounter these frigid conditions, as below-zero temperatures are forecasted to hit the entire region, except for areas immediately near the coast. I expect widespread school cancellations across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and additional closures throughout nearly each state in the Northeast. The Great Lakes will work to warm up those to the east of the bodies of water, as you can see in western Michigan and western New York.

The cold weather will begin moving out of the Plains on Wednesday, but not before another frigid morning brings well below-zero temperatures to Wisconsin, with other negative temperature values found in Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and across New England. School cancellations should be considered a possibility in Wisconsin, Minnesota and western Pennsylvania. Cancellation prospects are a bit more iffy in the other states I mentioned.

A few tips for the upcoming cold blast:

If you absolutely have to go outside, make sure to follow these tips:

-Minimize time spent outdoors. Even if you have heavy winter clothing on, this weather means you must be indoors as much as possible.

-Load up on clothing. Any and all coats, jackets, hats, gloves, mittens... this is extremely dangerous cold weather that is not to be taken lightly. This isn't your average winter cold spell- this is the kind of weather that is more typical of the Arctic tundra.

-Protect your pets. Fur isn't going to suffice this time around- keep your pets indoors at all times. This is just as dangerous to them (if not more dangerous) as it is to you. If you have to take them outside for a walk, put some clothes on them. As silly as it sounds, it might just save their life.

-Stay indoors. As obvious as this tip may seem, some people need that extra reminder that they aren't invincible to all cold weather, even with heavy coats and jackets.



Anonymous said...

Can you please make an article about next week's pattern change, thanks for the great work!

Andrew said...

This is the article I put out a couple days ago:

Justin B said...

Can you make an article about the possible coastal storm on Tues-Weds?

Anonymous said...

Has sunspot activity had any impact this winter?