Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Weather Centre Updated Posting Plan

We’re announcing a new plan of action for the way we post here at The Weather Centre. Effective immediately, we’re beginning a fixed posting scheme, the continuation of which will be based on feedback and ‘success' of posting in this format. The plan is detailed below. The goal of this plan is to end the current erratic method of posting I employ, where I’ll discuss my thoughts on the long range one day, a storm system for a few days, then go quiet for a few days, etc. I’m aiming for continuity to enhance the way this blog operates.

The plan is as follows:

Winter Storm Posts: As Needed
Severe Weather Posts: As Needed
Tropical Cyclone Posts: As Needed
Drought Status Posts: Pending Decision

---WINTER POSTS (September 15 to April 1)---

Short Range Post (0-7 days): Every Monday & Friday
Long Range Post (7-31 days): Every Saturday & Wednesday

—SUMMER POSTS (April 1 to September 15)---

Severe Weather Short Range Post (1-8 days): Every Monday & Friday
Tropical Weather Long Range Post (7-31 days): Every Saturday



Anonymous said...

Andrew,your hard work on your posts are appreciated and I for one would hate to see your thoughts on long range forecasts changed particularly as it appears to be your forte and your passion. I think ghat you consider your winter forecast a bust to be fair it has been so far, but so does NOAA with their 5 and 10 day forecasts.

I like the idea of you concentrating on more likely storm threats. But I think you trying to find out why your forecasts for the long term hasn't worked out and explaining why you think they failed would be a loss.

Don't concentrate on the few who want to know if their 10 square mile of territory they live in will see snow. Keep up your refinement of the long term winter forecasts, if I could start you off on something to consider their were two things: You never truly gave the impression that your final winter forecast was to work out and it hasn't to date. The second you were talking about the reliance of a new computer algorithm that was being done to refine long term guidance, maybe that bombed out more than your forecast.

Your contributing Andrew, don't change to much unless your concern is the participation in your forecasts. I check your site multiple times a day just to see if you updated something. Keep going Andrew.

Dixon Baxter said...

I love your site. I check in at least a couple of times a week just to see what you have to say. Ive learned so much from you. Ive never thought once " Oh that was wrong" and stopped viewing. Weather is weather, its unpredictable and it has it OWN way of doing things..I think you do a great job and Ive really enjoyed all your work. I enjoy the format like it is, but I understand that you change things to make them better. Thank you for all your hard work.

Christopher Ebie said...

Andrew, I check your site often and I like all your posts. I really enjoy your long term forecasts as well as storm threats. All your posts are great. Keep up the good work.

Anna said...

I find your long range outlooks, especially, to be very informative and "cutting edge" in terms of the use of history and teleconnection patterns. NOTHING is 100% and you get closer to the potential pattern in the long term than most of the modelling. I learn so much from your analog analysis and "what-if" potential scenarios. Great work.