Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weather Explained: Training Storms

This is our second segment of Weather Explained, where we explain unknown weather words and phenomenon.

This segment will focus in on Training Storms.

What is Training?
Training is when precipitation begins to reappear over the same area over and over again.
Radar shows this as a line of showers or storms that seems to keep going and keep reappearing with new showers or storms over the same spot.

Why are training storms such a big deal?
Because training storms are the masters of flooding. Ever had a basement flooded? Maybe your street? Your front yard? Storms that train can do that quicker than any other storm.

Are training storms as dangerous as other storms?
Nope. They're the same storms. Kind of like a cell. It divides and reproduces with the same DNA. That's kinda how training storms function.

Can they be tornadic?
Well, if other storms in the same batch, system or front are, then they could be.

This has been the second Weather Explained session. Join us in a few minutes for MesoCyclones.

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