Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26- Tomorrow's Forecast

Tomorrow, we will see a string of low pressures across the South make for a wet day across that region. With a cold front moving through, if a dry line develops, I would not be surprised to see some form of severe storms. Even at the time of publishing, a very strong supercell is catching my eye in Texas due to this front, which is currently a trough.
On the north end of the string of low pressures will be some snow. Accumulations are not expected to be significant. Just to the west will be some icy conditions, but those are not expected to be significant, either. We will definitely watch that area tomorrow.
Out west, more low pressure systems will create more snow in the Rockies. On the West Coast, rain will be found as a low pressure off the shore, just to the north and out east will surround the Northwest.
In the Plains will be some icy conditions and snow showers mixed in as temperatures hover around freezing.
Out in the Northeast will be some snow showers.

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