Saturday, July 23, 2011

Early July 23, 2011 Chicago Storms Q & A (Historic Rainfall)

Radar as of 12:30 AM CDT
Q: Around 11 PM, I started hearing all this thunder and lightning, but it kept going for hours. Why?
A: We tracked this cluster on radar. A few pop-up storms developed around 11 PM in southern Cook County. It started out as only a few cells. Those cells intensified and congealed into a line. Behind that line, another line of elevated storms developed. Then another line. It just wouldn't stop.

Q: Why was the thunder so loud?!?
A: Some storms just happen to have very loud thunder. These storms were in that category. Also, CAPE values were considerably high, so that likely helped the storms become very active.

Q: I heard a LOT of rainfall. How much?
A: From 1 AM to 7 AM, officially 6.91 inches of rain was measured at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. That make it the wettest day in history in Chicago.

Q: Is that rainfall total historic?
A: Yes.

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