Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19: Tornadic Weather Situation (Northwest Wisconsin)

We've got a few tornadic thunderstorms going on this evening across Northwest Wisconsin.
All 3 of the above images are storms currently tornado warned, and the one i'm most concerned about is the second image.
It's never good to see that couplet on the radar. What the couplet indicates are winds going in opposite directions intercepting in one spot.
That situation usually indicates strong circulation and spawns tornadoes.

That said, the following cities should take cover now.
-Owens, WI
-Dorchester, WI
-Abbotsford, WI
-Curtiss, WI
-Balsam Lake, WI
-McKinley, WI
-Range, WI
-Joel, WI
-Clayton, WI

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