Thursday, July 21, 2011

Noticeable Cooling in ENSO regions- July 21 ENSO Update

Latest global SST (Sea Surface Temperature)
Data taken from the latest global SST analysis indicates all ENSO regions (outlined in blue) are undergoing a cooling process which could be a sign of another La Nina.
Atmospheric conditions remain telling of La Nina conditions, and in recent weeks, SST and underwater temperatures have been rapidly cooling down.
In weekly animations of the ENSO SST's, it is very noticeable that this cooling has been occurring over the last month, if not more.
As of right now, information has been streaming in, consisting of potential of a West Based La Nina, which would basically torch the East US temperature wise and be the opposite of what we had last year. Obviously, this will be subject to a lot of change, and we will issue more updates as needed.

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