Monday, July 11, 2011

StormTrack: July 11: Severe Storms in Chicago (7:20 AM) (Special Weather Warning)

We are tracking severe storms moving towards the Chicagoland area at this time.
There are severe thunderstorm Warnings in effect for areas near Chicago as this bow echo moves east.
Because it is a bow echo, we can expect the main severe weather threat will be damaging winds.

From The Weather Centre's Mobile Storm Centre,
The Weather Centre has issued a Special Weather Warning
for the following areas:

-North Illinois

At 7:20... The Weather Centre's Mobile Storm Centre detected thunderstorms with cloud tops reaching past 50,000 feet and a high indicator of hail occurring. Maximum hail size was determined to be upwards of 1 inch.

People in these areas are advised to do the following:
-Secure outdoor objects if it is safe.
-Prepare for damaging winds and potentially quarter size hail.

This warning will expire at 8:30 am CDT.

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