Friday, October 14, 2011

2011-2012 OFFICIAL Winter Storm Track

This is our OFFICIAL 2011-2012 winter forecast storm track. Keep in mind all tracks are generalized, and color does not mean anything in terms of strength, etc.- it is simply to keep track of the lows in intersecting tracks.

RED: The red track is designed for clipper systems. We believe the upper Midwest will get the clippers, as usual, but with cold bursts, these may be pushed more southerly in some cases. We have not investigated this, but do believe out of common sense it is possible. Either way, with colder temperatures, the clippers will put down more snow than average from a clipper due to higher snow ratios.

BLUE: The infamous Panhandle Hooker storms are the most exciting storms. The monster February blizzard that shut down Chicago was a form of the Panhandle Hooker. Anyways, these may not set up for a while on account of the Southeast Ridge, which naturally directs storms north like the February blizzard shot north into the Midwest region from Texas. We also account this track for the Nor'Easter storms. There will be some of these, and we have to account for them.

GREEN: Sensing some wayward storms will go through this area, we figure it is the safest bet next to the clipper tracks. Why? Because, as a below weather enthusiast stated, the usually-unreliable CFS long-range model appears to have the general storm track down pat (which would affect I-80, north the worst), but this model finds quite a few chances to torch the nation in terms of temperature, which likely won't come to reality.

This will be the only issuance of the storm track, and will be included in the FINAL 2011-2012 winter forecast issued at 12:00 PM CDT November 5th.

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