Friday, October 28, 2011

6z NAM Puts Down A FOOT of SNOW in Philadelphia

This morning's 6z NAM has come out with potentially a foot of snow for Philadelphia and more just to the north. That pinkish shade you see in the snowfall potential is up to 15 inches of snow.
We would give you the 6z NAM, but that map for snowfall has not updated to 6z yet.
With this potentially historic early snowfall event comes a massive danger. People's property and maybe lives are at risk during this storm.

If you live in the Northeast and are in the path of this storm...
-Have enough food to go for several days without power. Trees and power lines WILL break due to heavy snow.
-Travel if absolutely necessary. It is very possible your car could get hit by a falling branch and you may get injured.
-Watch power lines near your house for signs of straining. If they look like they are sagging under snow, unplug electrical appliances as power may suddenly go out with damaging consequences to electrical appliances.

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