Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snowmageddon Saturday In the Making?!?

Today's 18z NAM has just come in and it is truly spectacular.
We are poring over the NAM and have gathered a few eye-popping images from the run.
The following images are from Hour 54.
First, we have to watch temperatures. With any coastal storm comes the risk of too warm temperatures that may create a rain situation instead of snow. At this time, it appears temperatures should be cold enough for the situation to be a snowy one. Below is the precipitation map from the same hour.
Take a look at that! This low is projected to be very intense, and a huge bulk of high precipitation arriving in the coastal area of the Northeast- where temperatures may be cold enough for snow. Be sure to check back in as the situation unfolds and we get more images of the NAM (snowfall, etc.)

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