Monday, December 5, 2011

December 15 Potential Snow Event (Ohio Valley Affected)

Left is ECMWF, Right is GFS.
GFS and ECMWF differ on possibility of storm, with GFS
indicating the potential for a winter storm in the Ohio Valley.
The GFS is predicting the potential for a snowstorm in the Ohio Valley in the December 15 timeframe. The GFS and ECMWF differ on this potential. The GFS thinks a low pressure system will be present in the Ohio Valley with the rain/snow line far enough south that many areas of North Ohio, Indiana may receive snow. The ECMWF appears to think that a strong ridge offshore the East Coast will divert the storm system away from the Ohio Valley and probably into Canada.
We will watch for the 0z runs of this storm. As for right now, there's not much else we can figure out.


Mike Paulocsak said...

Hi Andrew.To your best guess,does this look like a HEAVY snow producing system or not? Do you have any idea where the low could possibly travel once it gets in the Ohio valley? For example,up through Pittsburgh PA.

Gundeep said...

Would this one touch Toronto???? I am still waiting for a good storm dropping more then 10 cm. It's snowing right now but I have no clue how much will fall.

Andrew said...

Mike: We have no clue where the low will eventually track. Keep in mind the storm is 9 days away, which can be a very turbulent time for the models. Also, a Pittsburg storm track is not the only one that can give your area heavy snow.

Gundeep: This system will be big, so it is possible, depending on the storm track.

Mike Paulocsak said...

Hi Andrew.Could this possibly be a delta low coming out of the gulf of mexico.