Monday, December 5, 2011

December 7-10 Major Snow Event (Northeast Affected)

18z NAM 84-hour Snow Accumulation
NAM Select Cities Snowfall Accumulation
Middletown, NY: 8-10 inches
Philadelphia, PA: 4-6 inches

The NAM is forecasting a major snow event going into the December 7-10 timeframe, with widespread accumulations over 8 inches possible. What is interesting is how the GFS does not go with this scenario, and does not print nearly the amount of snow shown on the NAM. In fact, the GFS refuses to show any snow for many areas that are forecasted over 8 inches by the NAM.
The ECMWF, meanwhile, does believe that this event will happen, and is actually more aggressive with the low pressure's strength than the NAM is. We will see where the low goes and if this event occurs. I am leaning towards an NAM/ECMWF blend right now.

ECMWF Select Cities Snowfall Accumulation
New York City, NY: 3-5 inches


Mike Paulocsak said...

Good evening Andrew.Does it still look like Ohio might get a snowstorm on the 14'th-15'th this month?

Andrew said...

Yes, but more on the 15-16 timeframe.

Mike Paulocsak said...

Hello Andrew.Thanks for answering my question.It seems like the models are all over the place at this time with these storms.Hopefully they don't act like this through the whole winter.

Anonymous said...

i live in rockland county ny whats your thought bout the potential for snow here this week and how much? thanks

Andrew said...

You will likely get in on at least 3 inches of snow.