Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 22-24 Snowfall Event (Upper Midwest Event)

(from our sister blog, Winter Weather Centre)

We are tracking a storm system that will bring snowfall to the Upper Midwest in the next few days. We will be seeing the system move through Iowa, Wisconsin before darting up the Great Lakes and firing out of the country. This system will bring anything from snow to freezing rain to severe storms. Let's focus on the snowstorms here.
Here's the forecast snowfall for the next 72 hours, which encompasses the event. It looks like we may see widespread 3-6 inch totals across north Minnesota, with 3-5 inches towards the middle of the state.
This storm will be rapidly strengthening as it moves up towards the Great Lakes, meaning some potential thundersnow due to the sudden nature of the strengthening. With intense storm strengthening, it opens the door to many phenomena not normally seen during regular snowstorms.

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