Saturday, January 21, 2012

GLAAM Index Falling- Pattern is Changing

Past 90 Days of the GLAAM
The GLAAM is an index we recently discovered, and we have found it to be linked with ENSO conditions. In a very simple nutshell, an El Nino is usually associated with a positive GLAAM. A La Nina is usually associated with a negative GLAAM. Using that, we may have found the reason why Dec/Jan was so bad. As you can see, the GLAAM was positive in the beginning of January, but as you can see the GLAAM has been diving. The diving GLAAM is adding to the building evidence that February may be a wild and snowy one. As we learn more on the GLAAM we will let you know what impacts the GLAAM may have on the month of February.


Anonymous said...

Cool hope Minnesota is included in.the snow!

Mike Paulocsak said...

Hi.Andrew.Maybe this is what could FINALLY change the pattern to a snowier one.Also,if this were to come to pass,your prediction for my area if you recall,you stated i would get HAMMERED when the pattern would change,maybe after all,is in the works!!I sure think it's a good possibility.