Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/16/12- Afternoon Briefing

Well, luckily the cold hasn't hit head-on yet, so I should be able to keep on trucking for the rest of the day.

Contents of this Afternoon Briefing:
-Model Initialization Issues
-Surface Analysis
-Side Notes

12z Model Initialization Issues...
ECMWF/GFS initialized with little or no issues.
NOGAPS initialized with little or no issues.
GGEM is not favored this run.

Surface Analysis is showing the big jumble of low pressure systems moving to the east. There appears to be a minimal severe threat for the Southeast for the rest of the day. Strong High pressure will hold in place over the Plains.

Side Notes:
-I was looking over comments, and one indicated that there was a security issue with our Models page. If you did comment that, please comment below indicating what the problem is/was, as I take security very seriously (here is the comment).
-As I indicated, I may be on the verge of getting one of my semi-annual colds. They are very infrequent, but when they happen, they are usually on the stronger side. That said, posting will likely be on the downturn in the next couple days.
-For those curious why I am not favoring the GGEM, It appears that it initialized the system in Michigan wrong. That's about it.



Anonymous said...

I get a cold about twice a year as well!

Anonymous said...

Andrew, there is no severe threat in the southeast.

ERN WX said...

Andrew, well done with the commenting guidlines! Thanks for protecting commenters. I completely agree with your rules. Feel well soon! Don't worry, I am a real person. I know that robots can cause trouble. Thanks a lot Andrew.

Andrew said...

Eastern Wx: Thank you for the well wishes and approval of the guidelines.