Friday, February 17, 2012

2/17/12- Morning Briefing

Contents of this morning briefing:
-Initialization Issues
-Surface Analysis
-Side Notes

0z Model Initialization Issues...
ECMWF/GFS initialized with little or no problems.
NOGAPS/GGEM initialized with little or no problems.

Surface analysis continues to indicate the storm system mess being pushed eastward while another system is brought down from Canada. It should bring clouds and maybe some precipitation to parts of the Midwest and Plains. The storm system that is being watched for Feb. 18-19 is currently in Mexico, just a bit west of the warm front that lines the Gulf Coast this morning.

Side Notes:
•In case you have not noticed, there are now Commenting Guidelines on the right sidebar. By commenting on this blog you are agreeing to those set terms that can change at any time without prior notice.
•I'm feeling pretty tired today, but should be able to kick out some posts. This looks to be a more mild cold, so full posting (and production of the personal spring severe weather forecasts) will resume soon.



USA Weather said...

Andrew you need to get your viewers to sign this petition:!/petition/prevent-budget-cuts-national-weather-service/nQVPd4l2
It's so the government won't do budget cuts on the NWS. I know that you will likely see this as importantly as I do.

AJ said...

I just signed that.

Andrew said...

This is a serious matter. Get the word out ASAP. Thank you for mentioning that, USA Weather.