Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clipper System to Bring Up to 9 Inches of Snow to Wisconsin

The 12z NAM model is predicting a fairly strong clipper system hitting central Wisconsin in the next couple days. The image above shows 3 hour snowfall accumulations at 9:00 PM CST tomorrow. Up to 3 inches of snow in 3 hours is pretty much an inch of snow per hour, which is actually a pretty good rate.

Total snow accumulations look to be up to 9 inches, with widespread amounts of 2 to 6 inches. Now, a local model that I glanced over did show snow accumulations of up to 4 inches coming in for the Chicago area.
It does indeed look like that the NAM model is too far north with this system after analyzing HPC-made forecasts.

That said, you can see the correct forecast by taking the snowfall strip, moving it south into central Illinois and central Iowa, and deducting 1-2 inches from all amounts as the NAM typically overestimates snowfall amounts by a couple inches.



ERN WX said...

Nice clipper.

ERN WX said...

To those who have seen the 12z ECMWF, I do not recommend you take it for real. Yes, it may be the best model, but the major coastal storm will probably not happen. I say use the Gfs. Remember friends, No negative Nao, no East coast snow. I am cheering the Euro on though!!! Next winter there will be big ones for Easterners, folks from the Ohio Valley, South, and Midwest!!!!! Maybe will actally see a panhandle hook! What a weird winter!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm honestly enjoying these early warm spring temps. =) ...mid 55's in southern New England in Feb. is something else!! By the end of July I'll be wishing for snow again.

- Reid