Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 18-20 Snow Event (2/18/12)

I am keeping with the same amounts I called for yesterday, as amounts still look to total very close to what I have forecasted here. I do think that there is now a chance for the eastern portion of the 6-10 inch forecast area to be cut off a bit into a 3-6 inch area, with isolated 6-9 inch totals.
I still think that some minimal icing could occur, with maximum ice accumulations topping out at 0.10''.
My forecast yesterday was based off the NAM because I had little time to see the models. The NAM, which has shown to overdo snowfall amounts, actually falls into place fairly well with the 0z GFS, except for the snowfall close to the coast. I feel that amounts will likely end up a tad lower than what I have shown above due to water enhancement to help some of that snow possibly turn to icy conditions, or more likely, a wetter and thus lower amount of snowfall.

Any questions can be posted below.


ERN WX said...

Hello Andrew. I hope you are feeling better. Get well soon!!!!!!! Thanks for the excellent job you do!!!!! I truly appreciate it!!! Next winter looks better!!!!!!!!!!!! Weak El Nino or neutral!!!! Go snow!!!!!!!!!

Main man said...

Amen to that ERN WX. We might even get snow in the New Enland area.

Maine man said...

Should be Maine man--Sorry

paulocsak mike said...

Hello Andrew.I sure hope your cold is getting better! I checked the instantweather maps site,and it shows an EXPLOSIVE ammount of snow towards the end the month on int early March.It may not happen,but it'ds sure fun to look at.

paulocsak mike said...

Sorry,spelled a few words wrong.I got too excited.

ERN WX said...

Yes, Maine man we all need snow!!! Some parts of your area have had decent snow, sadly others haven't seen what they should. Mike, I have seen things that would indicate something good for your area and others. Don't worry about spelling, I do it a lot too when I am excited. Andrew, please pardon me for seeming intrusive. I hope I am not doing anything wrong. Please tell me if I am. I will not be offended. If you see it necessary, you may remove my comment. Do not worry, I will continue to visit your site every day. You do an excellent job. Thank you. Feel well soon!!!!!!